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BHO-Marijuana BHO- MArijuana Dabs- Buy- Marijuana Concentrates- Cannabis Concentrates- Marijuana BHO- Cannabis BHO- Marijuana Dabbing- Cannabis Dabbing- Butane Hash OIL- Butane Honey Oil- Marijuana Butane Hash Oil- Marijuana Butane Honey Oil- BHO - BHo- Hash oil (also known as dabs, shatter, or earwax) is a resinous matrix of cannabinoids obtained from the cannabis plant by solvent extraction through the butane blasting technique. (very dangerous if done wrong, such as explosions)
7:10- 4:20 for hash oil aficionados. 7:10 is “oil” upside down and backwards. 710 is known for the oilheads.

BHO( Butane Hash Oil)- It stands for Butane Hash Oil. BHO is made by filling a large glass tube with buds containing THC and putting butane gas through the tube. The butane freezes the glands on the cannabis and creates a kind of goo. BHO contains a very high amount of THC compared to regular cannabis or cold water hash. However, it is illegal to make BHO in some MMJ states (California, we’re talking about you!), although it is not illegal to possess. Also, making this is very dangerous if done wrong.

Bubble hash- Any kind of really good concentrate made with high end Marijuana. It is called that because it bubbles when subjected to flame. When it is not pure, it will crackle.

Budder- A form of hash oil. It is called budder because it looks a little like crystallized butter.Butane hash Same as BHO.

CO2- Carbon Dioxide can also be used to make concentrates similar to BHO. Concentrate- Any kind of hash.

Dabber-The tool, usually glass or metal, pick up a glob of BHO using this, then put the dabber on the hot nail and inhale.

Dab/Dabs- A glob of BHO or Honey Oil. Dome- The glass sphere that sits around the nail and keeps the smoke from escaping.

Earwax- A kind of concentrate. It is called “earwax” because it looks like earwax.

Errl- Is a slang word for Marijuana Oil​Full Melt- Very pure concentrates. It is called “full melt” because when it is burned it leaves no residue.

Hashish/Hash- The THC-filled resin glands of the cannabis plant. THC pressed to a rock.Honey Oil- Another term for hash oil.

Keef- The THC glands of the cannabis plant. Keef is usually made using a dry sifting method. Good for sprinkling on bowls and joints. When keef is compressed and the resin glands pop and coagulate, it’s called hashish.

Nail- An oil rig attachment. A nail is usually made out of glass, metal, or titanium. The nail is heated until it is red hot, then a dab is dabbed on the nail and the smoke is inhaled through the piece.

​Shatter- A thin sheet of BHO/Marijuana Dab. It is called shatter because it is very brittle and flakes when it breaks.

Skillet- The metal or titanium piece that you torch to dab.

Oil Rig Swing- Attached to the oil rig or water pipe that you torch. It is called a swing because you can swivel it back and forth.

Torch/lighter- Flame source for heating nails to burn Dabs.

Vape pen/Vaporizer pen- A portable vaporizer similar to an e-cigarette. Vape pens usually contain some sort of electronic heating system and a cartridge holding hash oil.
Vaporizer pens are a virtually smell-less smoke way to consume concentrates.Wax- Hash oil that has a waxy consistency.Whip- The tube used to inhale vaporized smoke coming off a nail.
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